Dustforce Review


If you are a casual gamer, be warned because Dustforce is not an easy game to play. The main obstacles in the game that will give you a headache are the numerous spikes, pitfalls and holes that lie in your way. Jumping becomes a very important factor in the game because you will need to effectively jump and walk on walls in order to reach higher platforms. If you have not mastered the art of jumping and wall climbing, you’re going to have a tough time playing this game because the obstacles get harder the further you progress into the game.

As much as I liked the freedom to choose what levels you want to do first in Dustforce, sometimes I found it hard to even navigate through the level selection menu itself. When you play through the levels in Dustforce, you will get rewarded keys that will allow you to unlock doors that have even more levels. The problem here is that the locked doors (especially ones that have gold locks) are positioned in really high places. It took me quite a few minutes just to reach one of the doors to unlock a new level because it was positioned in such an awkward place. If this game is to get a sequel, I’d hope the level selection menu is easier to navigate through.


One admirable addition to the game is a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode consists of Survival and King of the Hill. King of the Hill is a capture type of game where players need to control an area to gain a point. Five points are needed to win the game. This mode is okay, but nothing extraordinary. Survival mode is a little more fun because you have four players fighting it out in a traditional style combat game. It’s very fun, and a nice alternative if you get bored of the single player mode.

Graphically, Dustforce is stunning in every way possible. The 2D style graphics work really way with the game’s theme and gameplay mechanics. Not to mention the levels are also set in a variety of locations to keep the game looking fresh and not so boring. Another thing I love about Dustforce is the excellent soundtrack. It’s hard for me to describe the genre the music is in this game, but let’s just say the music is cool and great to listen to.

Overall, Dustforce is a unique game that will keep you hooked for hours on end. It has a steep learning curve and can be quite hard, but once you master the game it becomes hard to put down. The graphics are excellent and the gameplay is very addictive. The only real flaw is that the game is pretty hard, but that’s the only major negative about the game.

[Editor’s Note: Dustforce was reviewed on the PlayStation 3. The game was provided to us by the publisher for review purposes.]