People Reporting Problems With Xbox One’s Disc Drives

Xbox One

The PS4 had some issues with its “Blue Light of Death”, while the Xbox One has issues with its disc drive.

This is just the many things that happen with every technological device. Some early buyers of the Xbox One are having problems with the disc drive. Once they put in a disc, a funny sound happens and the console doesn’t recognize the disc.

Much like Sony is doing with the PS4, Microsoft will be replacing faulty Xbox One consoles as soon as possible. It’s unknown at this stage how widespread the problem is, but let’s hope it’s only a small percentage.

The following video showcases the problem that some people are having:

2 thoughts on “People Reporting Problems With Xbox One’s Disc Drives

  1. Man, that sucks. I don’t have any game discs to try mine out with. So far, I’ve only bought games digitally.

  2. It’s too bad for the ones that got broken consoles. Hope they’ve received their replacements. I on the other hand will wait at least a year before I get either or both.

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