Project CARS Maxed Out Gameplay Trailer

Project CARS 9

Youtuber ExpressionOfNothing has release yet another jaw dropping video for the game, Project CARS.

The video demonstrates the “Maxed Out” settings of the game i.e. all graphics setting are completed maxed out. The game looks nothing like anything of which we’ve seen, with beautifully modeled cars, realistic animations and vibrant landscapes, the game will really test the GPUs of any system. The footage is still from their “pre-alpha” build but in all honesty, it looks extremely pretty already so we should look forward to what they can come up with in the future. Quoted from the video, these are the graphic settings that they were using for the footage:

Resolution: 2560 x 1440px
Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 16x
Anti-Aliasing: DS4X (Downsampling)
SMAA Post: Ultra

Check out the video below and prepare to be blown away!