Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Guide – Catching Mewtwo

Pokemon X and Y Mega Mewtwo

Since Mewtwo’s first debut in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, we haven’t seen this elusive and powerful Pokemon appear in other games, outside of the FireRed and LeafGreen remakes, until Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

In addition to the two legendary Pokemon, Xerneas and Yveltal, that players can catch in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Mewtwo is among the legendary Pokemon that everyone can catch in the game, and with the right Mega Stone, players can achieve its Mega Evolution form in battle. Just like in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow, catching Mewtwo is not an easy task (unless you have a Master Ball in hand).

Well, if you have the patience and the right PokeBall to catch it, here’s where to catch Mewtwo:

Pokemon X and Y Mewtwo 1

Catching Mewtwo

1. After defeating the Elite Four and becoming the Pokemon Champion, go to the Pokemon Village and you will find that the man blocking the cave near the top left corner is no longer there.
2. Go inside the cave and you will find Mewtwo with its back against the door.
4. Talk to Mewtwo and you will get a cutscene.
5. Be ready to fight it!

Pokemon X and Y Mewtwo 2

-Aura Sphere

Pokemon X and Y Mewtwo 3

Your single worst enemy in this fight is going to be the move Recover. Mewtwo will constantly use it and erase the health you whittle away. Eventually he will run out of PP if you last long enough, but it is quite an annoyance. Try to use something like Thunder Wave early in the fight to get Mewtwo paralyzed, so there is a chance he will not be able to attack on some turns. A move like False Swipe is probably not worth trying here with Mewtwo recovering as often as he is. You may also want to avoid using Poison or Fighting types as Mewtwo will destroy them very easily.

Due to being in a cave, your go-to Poke Ball should be the Dusk Ball as it will give you a 3.5x multiplier. As you get deeper in the battle, you should try and use Timer Balls as it is based on how many turns you have been going for a max of 4x multiplier. This is the ball that eventually caught Mewtwo for me.

As soon as you catch Mewtwo, you will receive a Mewtwonite Item depending what version of game you have.

Pokemon X and Y Mewtwo 4

Congratulations! You just caught Mewtwo!

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  1. I was searching for a jiggly puff in the pokemon village to catch before I faced mewtwo. I came across a ditto and captured him. I then decided to try and use him against mew two as he would have the same move set. I used transform and ditto turned to mewtwo. He intimidated the foes I I though “ok I’ll try an ultra ball quick.. May as well” to my disbelief I caught him havering only used transform as ditto. Maybe it was just lick but someone should give this a try.

  2. I did it by using aegislash that knows shadow ball. Surprisingly I caught it with one ultra ball.

  3. what you said at the start isnt all true yes mewtwo was unseen in most pokemon games but if i recall you can catch him in the remakes of heartgold and soulsilver as a level 75 apart from that the rest was helpfull ;)

  4. Didn’t know he had Recover, he never used it when I caught him. I used my Raichu (level 88) one Thunderbolt and 3 or 4 Nuzzles got him down to a little sliver of HP plus paralysis, caught him after throwing 5-10 normal pokeballs.

  5. Yah I used the dusk balls and the quick ball I got like 50 of each lol but hey its worth all the money

  6. I only needed to know where to find him … I went the lazy route, only hit him once with a regular attack, an then captured him with the 3rd premier ball lol.

  7. I stumbled upon him on my own just wanted fighting tips and it was too easy. Like 5 moves. I hit him twice he healed so i hit him again and used a ultra ball and he captured with ease

  8. I used my lvl 84 Fennikin (changed the name and can’t remember the third evo name) while the recover is highly annoying, Mewtwo does practically no damage so it was just a matter of him actually staying in the pokeball. Fist time trying I didn’t have any dusk or timers, but i did when I went back and it was an easy capture.

  9. Caught him using a dive ball. After using 20 dusk balls and 7 ultra balls, a timer ball and a regular Pokeball.

    Hope that jerk drowns.

  10. After 5 time restating the game I finally caught him after he too out my blazekens I brought talaflame to heal blazekens two trires throwing pokeball at him work like a charm

  11. Using Yveltal was a piece of cake. Psychic doesn’t work against you, although I went in with Foul Play, I thought he was a goner. Just wasted the balls I had until the Timer Ball worked for me.

    Worth it.

  12. My Greninja was too strong and I accidentally defeated Mewtwo.. He “fleed into the darkness of the cave” and now I’ve tried returning to the cave other times but he wasn’t there. It’s been only a day though.. But does anyone have any tips on whether he’s coming back and when I could try catching him again?

  13. If you defeated him, I’m pretty sure you are out of luck. On legendaries you get one shot. That’s why it’s so important to save before so you can reset. I’m guessing you have saved again since you defeated him?

  14. I got him down to like 10 hp, and after around than 30 (no kidding) ultra pokeballs and i still havent got him.. Worst luck ever D: tried with some dusk and timer balls too (10 each) but still didnt get him.

  15. i caught mewtwo in a regular pokeball
    burn him and get him to about 50% hp. for 2-4 turns throw regular pokeballs at him. a mewtwo in a regular pokeball is a pretty badass trophy

  16. I’m pretty sure if you defeat Elite Four/Champion again, all legendaries you defeated(not caught) reappear. At least that’s how it was in other Pokemon games.

  17. well i beat the elite four no big deal easy for sure. um i catch mewtwo i did i use dragon claw he keep using psychic but get this i had my yveatal out know this poke is a dark and flying type well he keep using the move three times. I capture he almost gave up then second time i threw a ultra ball he finally gave up i caputre a mewtwo and not that a i got a mewtwonite y yes i am playing pokemon y yes i am a feamle trainer no boy. her name is Toni.

  18. According to a few of the other commenters, if you beat the Elite Four again, he will reset there if you accidentally beat him. However, if you haven’t tried yet, just make sure to save right before and start over if you accidentally beat him.

  19. Pshh u don’t need a masterball got it with one greatball on the first try without having to weaken him in battle =] try it that’s how I caught the main legendary Pokemon on X

  20. 25 Ultra balls, 1 Dusk ball, 6 Great balls, his whole move set + 1 struggle move and I’m ready to throw this 3DS down a well. Wasted my Master ball on Xenerus. Saved before I killed Mewtwo but still out of ideas.

  21. can someone tell me what exactly they did to catch this thing i have trying for 10 days straight but no luck

  22. I used my Kenpoh (Pangoro), skill set: power-up punch, bulk up, false swipe, hammer arm, carried alot of max potion, and spammed power up punch+bulk up, as well as since psychic doesnt effect pangoro, regen only builds hp, and barrier only buffs def, i merely kept this up.

    power up punch
    bulk up (spam until cant no longer with potions inbetween or when needed, auro sphere is super effective, but if built right pangoro can withstand it pretty easily, building up turn by turn basically making a timer ball into a master ball i had mewtwo in maybe 3 or 4 minutes of doing this. just my experience not saying its perfect but i got mewtwo so i guess it aint THAT bad eh? lol

  23. Lol I just hit it with a dark pulse from yveltal then through a single dusk ball, easy peasy

  24. So I only brought 2 dusk balls & used a level 20 pikachu paralyzed it…then I caught it with a dusk ball… I WTF for 5mins after this happened. I went to the cave just planning to make sure that my lv80+ pokemons won’t KO it when I do want to catch it.

  25. OMG U PEOPLE ARE STUPID, when you fight it with a low-level pokemon so it wont defeat it, you need heal ball. I used 2 and it worked, the first one is like the ultra ball but than it comes back second one it shuts there, because heal ball will heal any status condition an’ stuff.

  26. I LITERALLY just caught a Mewtwo by JUST using one quick ball!! I honestly didn’t think it would work and be caught that easily but… It did. I am still in awe right now. O___O I wish I recorded it. But try your luck with quick balls! It might just work xD

  27. Caught it using a lvl 85 Lucario who brought it down to low health with Dragon Pulse. Afterwards i switched out to Venusaur who used sleep powder. I was able to catch it with one normal pokeball

  28. I killed him three times and used over 20 balls (Pokeball, Great ball, ultra ball, dusk ball). How is everyone getting better luck with this than me :(

  29. timer ball says it gets more progressive each turn yha right started off with 26 down to about 3 and started off with 12 dusk balls down to 0 and only 9 ultra balls after 15 ultra balls and i finally caught that damn thing

  30. Put magikarp lvl1 as first pokemon on team, it will intimidate him, use splash then just throw a regular pokeball and voila the job is done

  31. Ugh, i almost caught him twice using a dusk ball and ultra ball. BUT EVEN USING AN OP, PUTTING HIM TO SLEEP/PARALYZING HIM, AND PUTTING HIS HP DOWN TO 1, I STILL NEVER GET HIM >_< how the crap do i even get him…………

  32. A bonus tip!:
    Shedinja and Spiritomb are your friends. Both are immune to Mewtwo’s damaging attacks. Spiritomb has Hypnosis (Sleep and Frozen give you the best multiplier for catching) and Shedinja has both False Swipe and Heal Block (Mewtwo can’t heal for 5 turns).
    Though, even at best, Mewtwo is still a difficult Pokémon to catch. Though I still don’t recommend wasting your Master Ball (I save mine for Shinies…when I don’t trade them for Leftovers, which I did last Gen)

  33. Toni I want to be friends with you so can you go to your home then go to the top of your bottom screen and hit the button friend list and register a friend and hit local let’s do it when ever you want ok if anyone wants to be my friend do the same thing and send me your names

    I only have Pokémon y

  34. Didn’t know he was in there at all before I went back. I just went to catch the “strong Pokémon” the man talked about earlier. I saved and threw ONE quick ball and that was it. Absolutely made my day XD

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