PlayStation 4 will not support external hard drives, MP3s, or DLNA

Playstation 4

Some very disappointing news hit the internet today through an official FAQ done by Sony on their website about what you need to know about the upcoming PlayStation 4. In this question and answer, we discovered that the next generation system will not be supporting external hard drives, MP3s, or DLNA.

This news is kind of surprising considering the PlayStation 3 supporting each of these. Xbox One will not have this feature as well, but they said that should change eventually. Hopefully this feature is added in at a later time for the PlayStation 4 too, before we fill up our hard drives, which will be quicker with the larger game sizes this generation.

The loss of MP3 playability is surprising considering how large of a force MP3s still are in the market. However, it seems to be a tactic to get people to sign up for the Music Unlimited streaming service that you can listen to while playing games.

DLNA is a type of media server that the PlayStation 4 has chosen to move away from in this next generation evidentally. Sony says that the PlayStation 4 “does not support client functionality for media servers.”

Hopefully Sony will realize their mistakes and add in functionality for three things in the future, especially the first two for me personally.