Pokemon X and Pokemon Y travels back to the stone age

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

The Pokemon series has long had ties to the past through the use of fossils in the game that you can get and transform to Pokemon for your team. It first started in the original games with Kabuto and Omanyte. We got information in the last week that fossils would once again be included in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, but now we know about these Pokemon and their evolutions.

At some point in the new games, you will have to choose a fossil that will give you one of two new Pokemon, known as Tyrunt and Amaura, that we were first introduced to last week in the trailer that gave up the first evolution for the three starter Pokemon. Now we have gotten information on the evolved forms for both Tyrunt and Amaura.

The T-Rex inspired Tyrunt evolves into the fearsome looking Tyrantrum. It will be a rock and dragon type, just like Tyrunt. The Amargasaur inspired Amaura evolves into a more less fearless looking Aurorus, who will be a rock and ice type.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be released on October 12 worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS. Check out pictures of all four Pokemon below: