Rift 3.0 Planes of Water expansion somewhat detailed

Rift 3.0

In last week’s live stream of Trion World, details for the next expansion of Rift has been somewhat revealed.

The second expansion to the award winning Rift will be called Planes of Water where players can expect underwater and frozen zones. As to how many zones that will be available, Trion World did not specify. In addition, a new soul will be available for Support Cleric, Healing Warrior, Tanking Mage, and Healing Rogue. To make gear grinding fun, Trion will also introduce a more customized weapon and armor upgrade system where it will be tailored to a specific play styles.

One of the updates that excites me the most in the upcoming expansion of Rift is the companions system. According to Trion, companions will be playing a big role in the game. Expect them to have abilities that you can level and have the opportunity to put gears of them. The kind of companions that you tend to get in the game will most likely be the pet that you get.

We should hear more details on Rift 3.0 in the coming weeks or months.