The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn DLC Review

After a long break with Skyrim, fans will finally have another reason to go back and play it, as one of the biggest expansions for the game is now available. Ever since ‘Morrowind’ has been rumored to be a place that will be revisited in Skyrim, many got excited as it’s been a fan’s dream to see what the previous places look like in a different time period. With Bethesda’s latest Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim, fans will finally revisit one of the continents in Morrowind where a new threat lies toDovahkiin. Is he up for a challenge this time around?

Compared to previous expansion, Dawnguard, how does Dragonborn fair up? Is there a lot of new things to justify the $20 price tag? Let’s take a look on what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review Dragonborn DLC.


Welcome to ‘Solstheim’
When I said that fans will revisit Morrowind, I didn’t mean that the whole Morrowind area, but instead a portion of it which was ‘Solstheim’. Before you complain that it’s small, for those who never played Morrowind, Solstheim is an island that is somewhat similar to the size of Shivering Isle, if not bigger. Yes, the Dragonborn DLC will give you a big expansive area to explore on where new quests and area lies beyond. If you have previously played Morrowind, you will then know that Solstheim isn’t a small island and it can take you lots of hours to fully explore and see the whole of it. Expect familiar places to appear such as Raven Rock in their all new look and dungeons that you will have to explore. Pretty much, you will think of ‘Solstheim’ to be a big area because by the time you explore everything, you will not realize that you’ve spent a lot of hours already.

A New Quest Begins
Fans don’t need to finish the main game to enjoy the game. Actually, as soon as you speak with the first Graybeard, you then can visit Windhelm Docks and start exploring what the DLC has to offer in Solstheim. The DLC takes place in Morrowind where a group of cultist is searching for the ‘False Dragonborn’. Since you are the Dragonborn in Skyrim, they will call you the false one and will start attacking you. Between the storyline of Skyrim and this DLC, both will tie up together. More lore on Tamriel will be revealed in this DLC as a’Lord Mirack’ will finally be unveiled in this DLC. That is the start of the somewhat long quest that can take you up to fifteen to twenty hours to finish. The length of the content is somewhat long but the estimated fifteen to twenty hours is by simply just going through the main quest and doesn’t include the plethora of sidequests it has.

Tons of new stuff inside
In addition to the chance to revisit Solstheim, another selling point of Dawnguard DLC is the new stuff that you will be able to obtain and enjoy. For starters, finishing the DLC will grant you the ability to ride a dragon. Yes, that’s been the most requested feature in Skyrim and it’s finally here. Also, players will be able to get new dragon shouts that you can use, so if you are still playing the game, it will greatly help your journey along the way. Don’t forget that there are new items and new armor sets that you can obtain that will make your character look even cooler and stronger.

Compared to Dawnguard, fans can look forward to a lot of new weapons. Since many complained how Dawnguard didn’t really offer a lot of new weapons, there will be a lot more in Dragonborn. If you are a fan of enchanted and Daedric weapons, you will then enjoy the DLC. By the time you finish exploring and excavating the numerous dungeons it has, you will most likely have uncovered the strongest weapon out there.