Okami HD Review

Okami was a brilliant game made by the now defunct Clover Studio. It was released in 2006 with critical acclaim but sadly the game wasn’t played by many people. Capcom decided to port the game to the Nintendo Wii and now we have Okami HD for the PlayStation 3.

Okami HD includes improved graphics and PlayStation Move compatibility. Is Okami HD still a playable game or is this just another lazy HD remake? Find out as we take a look at the HOTs and NOTs of Okami HD.


Great Cel-Shaded Graphics
When Okami was released back on the PS2, it boasted one of the most unique yet beautiful graphics the console had ever seen. The 2D cel-shaded visuals and ink-paint style illustrations was something that had never been done before. Although looking back at the original game, it appears outdated now playing the game in this HD era.

Thankfully, this HD remake looks better than ever. The faded and jagged looks from the PS2 version is now gone. The colors are brighter from the environments and character models. Quite simply, everything in the game appears much more vibrant here than they did six years ago.

Not to mention the game itself includes some pretty memorable and eye-catching moments that are rarely seen in video games released these days. I don’t want to spoil too much for people that have not played the game before, although the scene where you revive a tree and it litters cherry blossoms all over the village, it’s a moment where that takes your breath away.

Great Main Character And Touching Story
One of the best things about Okami is that you play as a wolf. This isn’t any old wolf though, as you are actually the Goddess of the Sun named Amaterasu who has taken the form of a wolf.

It’s her job to restore Japan back to its former glory as an eight headed demon named Orochi is accidentally released back to the world cursing all of Japan. It’s not a story with lots of plot twists or anything like that, but its pretty touching to say the least and it will keep you interested until the very end.

Unique And Addictive Gameplay
Okami is one of this games that only appear once every few years. Although the game plays like an action-RPG game like Zelda, there are unique features that makes Okami different from any other video game out there.

The one thing that separates this game from anything else is that Amaterasu is armed with a special item called the “Celestial Brush” By holding down the “R1 button” you will then be able to brush and draw ink onto the land. Whatever you draw, will have several different effects and abilities.

The “Celestial Brush” becomes a very important tool in the entire game because it is used for pretty much all of the time. If there’s a bridge that’s been cut, you can simply draw one in and repair it. You can also use the brush to slice enemies in half and a whole lot more. Whether the brush is used in combat or for puzzle solving elements, it’s a unique feature that only Okami can provide.