Disgaea D2 Announced for the PS3

After system months of mystery, NIS has revealed that “project D” is in fact a new Disgaea game, called Disgaea D2. Unlike Disgaea 2 – 4, Disgaea D2 is the direct sequel to the first game and will continue with Laharls story. While some of you might not be thrilled with this choice, it was made in honor of the series 10th anniversary.

Sadly no gameplay was shown, but the game will release on March 20th in Japan and will receive a limited edition. For those interested in the limited edition, it includes a Flonne / Etna figure, hardcover art book and the games soundtrack.  Those who preorder it will get a voucher code for classic Laharl, Flonne and Etna, which is a nice bonus for fans.

Finally a teaser site launched for Disgaea D2, but it won’t be live for another 11 days. You can currently check it out and hear the games original theme and save it to view on a later date.

One thought on “Disgaea D2 Announced for the PS3

  1. I don’t understand how ANYONE could complain about them continuing Laharls story! Disgaea 1 still has HANDS DOWN the best cast and story of any of the Disgaea games. So it only seems natural to follow through with this :)

    I’m VERY excited for this news. And we all know its guaranteed to be coming out in english :)

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