New The Offspring and Smash Mouth Songs Added To Rock Band

Rock Band’s playlist continues to grow as three new songs have been added. Next week, Rock Band fans can rock out with the likes of The Offspring and ’90s rockers Smash Mouth.

The one song added from The Offspring is their latest single called “Days Go By” which is off the the album of the same name. Smash Mouth songs will be familiar to people who grew up in the ’90s with classic tracks “Why Can’t We Be Friends” and “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby”.

All songs are available from September 18th.

Check out the details below:

-“Days Go By” – The Offspring (160 MSP / 200 WP / $1.99)*
-“Why Can’t We Be Friends” – Smash Mouth (160 MSP / 200 WP / $1.99)
-“Can’t Get Enough of You Baby” – Smash Mouth (160 MSP / 200 WP / $1.99)

All tracks feature keyboard support.

*Pro Guitar/Bass expansion available (80 MSP / 100 WP / $0.99)

Source: Rock Band