Jet Set Radio Only Has 9 Trophies

When Jet Set Radio was announced for the Playstation Vita, many gamers speculated the title would feature a platinum trophy. After seeing the achievement list had 30 different tasks, it seemed like this was all but confirmed. However, the PS3 version of Jet Set Radio has only 9 trophies, which is slightly under a third of the Xbox counterpart. You can find the full list below, though it’s just a shortened version of the achievement list.


  • We got us a crew – Unlock Gum and Tab
  • Training wheels – Complete Tutorial
  • First coat applied – Complete Chapter 1
  • So creative – Create a graffiti in all sizes
  • King of the street – Complete all missions with any rating


  • Second coat applied – Complete Chapter 2
  • The gang’s all here – Unlock all characters


  • Paint the town red – Complete Chapter 3
  • I got Soul – Collect all Graffiti Souls

Currently Jet Set Radio is set to release on Tuesday for the PS3 and a week later for the Xbox. The Vita version will be releasing sometime later and will ideally feature more trophies, but will most likely use the same list.

One thought on “Jet Set Radio Only Has 9 Trophies

  1. This game coming out is a trophy in itself! I don’t need no in depth list of achievements/trophies. This game could have had 1 for pressing start, and i’d still be happy to be playing the game! :p

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