Borderlands 2 Review

The release of the first Borderlands game by Gearbox Software impressed many gamers due to its fun yet solid and entertaining co-op action for up to four players. The idea of teaming up with friends or other people online increases the fun factor the game had to offer. What else can Gearbox Software offer in Borderlands 2 that was not a part of the original game?

Let’s take a look on what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of Borderlands 2.


Story is Somewhat Better
Compared to the first Borderlands, the story in the second game is much more in-depth and it’s somewhat interesting – though it doesn’t mean it’s phenomenal, just average to say the least. Following the events of the first Borderlands, you will play as one of the four new characters that are introduced in the game. Roland, Lilith and the other two characters will not be playable this time but they will have their appearances at some point in the game. Just like the first game, you will choose from four characters that have different classes; Commando, Siren, Assassin and Berserker. Once you pick your character, you will then start to begin your quest once again in Pandora.

Taking place five years after the events of the first Borderlands, a man called Handsome Jack has claimed the contents of the Vault and becomes the leader of the Hyperion Corporation, in which he now rules Pandora. With your character posing a threat to his dominance over Pandora, he tries to kill you and dumps your-so-called dead body in a barren tundra where you will met the Guardian Angel that appeared on the first game – the mission this time that she sets upon you is to kill Handsome Jack. Seeking the help of the four Vault Hunters from the first game; Roland, Lilith and the other two, you will team up with them to find a way to eliminate Handsome Jack once and for all.

When it comes to the humor on the writing, you will be pleased to know that it’s back in Borderlands 2. If you miss how you would laugh on the funny writing and dialogue the first game had, you can expect to laugh again on the second game. Regardless if it’s Claptrap talking or Scooter, it’ll sure put a smile on your face.

More Loots to Uncover
One of the biggest additions that Gearbox Software implemented in Borderlands 2 is more additions to the loot. Since looting weapons, items, and shields are one of the main things that players do in Borderlands, you can expect to do the same thing once again but with a lot of things to look forward to. Expect to uncover new elemental weapons, shields to boost your stats, grenades, and all sorts of items that may seem useful in your journey to kill Handsome Jack. Each of the weapons that you will now get in Borderlands 2 have its own uniqueness that will be useful in taking out certain enemies. If you pretty much enjoy looting and collecting the rarest loot the game, you will then enjoy Borderlands 2 as there will always be loot waiting for you.

Drop In & Out Co-Op Play
Even though Borderlands 2 can be played solo, it won’t be as fun as if you’re playing with friends. Since the Borderlands series has been the staple of having good FPS co-op action, Gearbox Software did another phenomenal job in implementing a seamless co-op experience in Borderlands 2. Whenever a friend wants to join you, they can simply pop into the game and out without any hassle. The more people that joins your party, the better as loots becomes more rare if its the party of four. As for the distribution of loots when playing with other people, it will be shared evenly.

Do Challenges & Earn Points to Boost Stats
As everyone ventures to the land of Pandora to kill Handsome Jack, they will face new challenges. To make the game more enjoyable, Gearbox Software added new challenges for everyone to take and it will all depend on how you perform, kill enemies, or the usage of the weapons you do. Think of the challenges to be similar in other first person shooter games where if you kill a certain amount of skags or any other types of enemies, you will then complete the challenge. For every challenge you complete, you will fill the bar that tallies all completed challenges and once it’s full, you will get a point that you can use to increase a stat of your character permanently.