Sorcery Sales Fail to Impress

Sorcery, a PlayStation 3 exclusive PlayStation Move-oriented title, was released a few weeks ago and, unfortunately, its sales numbers aren’t very impressive. has revealed that the Move-based game only sold around 50,000 units.

While this number is low, it isn’t unusual for this type of game. Everybody Dance, another PlayStation Move game, sold just a tad more with a still unimpressive 60,000 units. Furthermore, Sorcery received below-average reviews from most critics, which, once again, isn’t out of the ordinary for PS Move titles.

Regardless of the various reasons that we could attribute to Sorcery’s failure, it is still a huge disappointment given the potential it had and the high expectations it created from us consumers. For those of us that had faith in Sorcery, we can only hope that it ends up like Wii’s Red Steel; the first entry was terrible, but the sequel was outstanding, although it had nothing in common with the original game (maybe that’s what made it so great) except its name.

One thought on “Sorcery Sales Fail to Impress

  1. This game seems good, but a lot of the reasons it failed is because of how it was marketed, and the fact that there was really nothing to it. For around 2 years, we’ve known about the game after seeing the impressive demo. So why did we get a decent 6 hour linear game after all that time? Where is the content? Even at $40, and with good polished gameplay, I can’t buy this game at the starting price if I’m going to finish it in 2 days and have nothing left to do. Games like that thrive on PSN, but not in the store for $40.

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