Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC Contains ONE Crossbow

News about Skyrim’s upcoming Dawnguard DLC has been the main topic lately. One of the biggest aspects of the expansion that was revealed is the addition of crossbows. Anyone who has taken part in ranged combat in Skyrim knows how exciting it is to come across a new bow. Many assumed that various crossbows would be littered throughout the add-on content, but as I found out during a quick Q&A with the developers, that isn’t the case.

Dawnguard will grant players access to a single crossbow and it is simply titled “crossbow” in the inventory. The only variation comes in the form of enhancing the bow (like every other weapon) and using different bolt types, which have been specifically crafted for the new weapon. Other than that, your Dragonborn will only ever obtain one crossbow. Hopefully this hasn’t disappointed rogues and rangers too much.

12 thoughts on “Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC Contains ONE Crossbow

  1. In the game’s files there are other types of crossbow, like dwarven, so one of two thing have happened. 1. You misunderstood or 2. You lie just to get views.

  2. I put a comment in saying how you either misunderstood or are lying for views and really does seem like the latter as my comment was deleted.

    There are there going to be a good amount of crossbows with them filling out each material.

    There are interviews and images that confirm what I am saying.

  3. This information came straight from one of the devs that was commenting throughout my hands-on demo. My exact question was “Will there be more than one crossbow in the game or is it just the one I have been given access to?” He replied saying that there was only one crossbow, but we would see different usable bolts for the bow. I’m just reporting what I was told.

  4. He probably ment the demo and said one because Todd announced that their were going to be different Crossbows and the one in the demo is called Crossbow because it’s a demo, it’s actually. Called the Steel Crossbow

  5. He was 100% correct, and you shouldnt listen to rumors with false information.

  6. There are 4 crossbows all aqcuired through dawnguard quests from Sarine Jurard in Dawnguard castle.


    Crossbow Enhanced (Ignores 50% of armor rating)

    Dwarven Crossbow

    Dwarven Crossbow Enhanced (Ignores 50% of armor rating)

  7. Plus you can find others with enchantments on them through the dawnguard questline.

  8. hehehe. one crossbow. was checking things out and ran across this article. poor journalism. no way the dev said only one crossbow. there were plenty of available resources to show otherwise. lolhammer. why dont you remove this misinformed writeup? it wont get you more readers when they see you cant even report facts accurately. just push start? no thanks, i’ll just push back on the browser :D

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