Lollipop Chainsaw Review

Suda 51 has been renowned for games that are full of wit and a lot of humor. Following the successful release of Shadows of the Damned a couple of years ago, Suda 51’s Grasshopper is here to once again release another masterpiece from him that will combine both humor and zombie slaying action.

With that being said, can Lollipop Chainsaw become another weird yet wonderful classic from the unorthodox mind of Goichi Suda? Let’s find out as we take a look at what’s HOT and NOT in our review of Lollipop Chainsaw.


Charming & Funny Story
For gamers who have played Suda 51’s games such as Shadows of the Damned and find the humor within the story funny and interesting, you will most likely enjoy Lollipop Chainsaw. From a survival horror perspective, Suda 51 takes a leap forward and made its latest creation, Lollipop Chainsaw into an action genre where it will involve Juliet Starling, the main character, killing a bunch of zombies with the use of her pompoms and a chainsaw.

Since Suda 51 has its own take on how to convey things that are funny, Lollipop Chainsaw did mostly everything right in developing a dialogue and a story that will get fans of his creation interested. The game starts off with Juliet Starling, a cheerleader and a high school student, who is celebrating her 18th birthday with her boyfriend Nick. Sadly, her birthday turns into a nightmare where she’ll have no choice but to save everyone from the zombies who invade the world. For Juliet, fighting zombies is just a regular chore for her as aside from being a cheerleader, she also came from a family of zombie hunters. The game won’t tell much of how her family became zombie hunters as it will all focus on the innocence of Juliet and her take on the outside world.

To show some of the things on how Suda 51 did a good job in implementing his ways to show humor is the similarities to his recent game, Shadows of the Damned. Instead of Juliet Starling having a talking skull to accompany her like Garcia, it has been replaced by the head of her boyfriend Nick. The reason as to why it’s a head of her boyfriend is because Juliet doesn’t want Nick to turn into a zombie, after being bitten, so instead she performs a ritual that will make him alive even though he’s only a head. Also, through your five to six hour adventure in the game, you will keep on hearing some of the most stupid, yet funny dialogue between Juliet and Nick. Sometimes, it’s hard not to laugh even though you find most of them cheesy. If you can tolerate those bad zombie movies that have gone by, there’s no doubt you can’t tolerate this game. I find Lollipop Chainsaw to be a tad better than those zombie flicks though.

Decent Presentation
To create a game where it will deliver perfect humor within the story needs quality voice overs and Lollipop Chainsaw has just that. On Juliet’s zombie-apocalypse adventure, you will find her voice perfectly fits her looks and how she was designed. Her innocent voice and looks makes up on how stupid she is in perceiving the situation in the game. As you guide her in killing zombies with a chainsaw, you will hear a majority of licensed tunes such as the ‘Lollipop Song’ and many more. While the choice of songs are weird, I find it strange to admit that hearing those tunes in this game places everything right.

When it comes to visuals, they are not bad and good either. The frame rate doesn’t lag and screen tearing is minimal compared to Suda 51’s Shadows of the Damned. In the seven stages that you’ll go through, expect to see different locations such as the university campus, a park and even a farm. The menu and the presentation how the game is laid out depicts a similarity on how a comic-book is set up. Expect to see a lot of pink within the game and if you are fond of sexy images and green jokes, you’ll find Lollipop Chainsaw right for you.