Max Payne 3 Planned DLC Packs Announced

As we head closer to the release of Max Payne 3, Rockstar Games announced today the planned schedule of DLC packs in which majority of them are all multiplayer map packs.

The first DLC pack to hit Max Payne 3 will be this June and it will be called Local Justice Map Pack that will include the Police Precinct map for Gang Wars, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer multiplayer modes. In addition, there will be two additional maps for the three modes mentioned, an avatar items, multiplayer challenges and many more.

Similar to what other publishers are doing, the best way to save money on all of these DLCs are through the Season Pass. Just like L.A. Noire, a Rockstar Pass for Max Payne 3 will be available for pre-order today at a low price of $29.99.

Here are the planned packs:

Summer 2012
Disorganized Crime Map Pack
Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack
Hostage Negotiation Map Pack
New York Minute Co-Op Pack

Fall 2012
Painful Memories Map Pack
Trickle Down Economics Map Pack