Club Nintendo Surprise Me Boxes No Longer a Surprise

If you’re a huge Nintendo fan or a casual supporter, then you most likely have coins sitting on your Club Nintendo account. With a lack of the really interesting items other regions get, many gamers end up hitting the deadline and just buy something. This can be certainly disappointing, but Nintendo of America tried to spice things up with the Surpirse Me boxes. The concept was rather simple, you buy a box for 300 coins and you get two or more items worth over 500 coins. While the idea was fantastic, they sold out long before most people could get one. Naturally this caused rampant speculation of them containing really special items, but with gamers finally getting them, just what was inside?

To no ones surprise, the Surprise Me boxes contained mostly less popular Club Nintendo items. These include pen cases, Wiimote holders and shoelaces. Thankfully there were some good boxes, like one user reported getting the Mario posters and the messenger bag, but for the most part the offerings were less than amazing. So if you were wondering if you missed out or dodged a bullet, now you know.