Wipeout 2048 Trophy List Unveiled

If you are getting the PlayStation Vita next week along with Wipeout 2048, then there are 31 trophies waiting for you once you get to play them.

Wipeout 2048 is the first Wipeout game to release on the Vita that will allow players to dive in and race players that are playing either on the Vita or PS3.

Check back with us near the release date for our review of the game. For now, check out these trophies that you can get.

Wipeout 2048 Trophies


This is Wipeout – Obtain every Trophy in Wipeout 2048


2048 Champion – Complete 2048 Season
2049 Champion – Complete 2049 Season
2050 Champion – Complete 2050 Season
2048 Elite 1 – Get an Elite Pass on the C Class Time Trial on Capital Reach in 2048
2048 Elite 2 – Get an Eilte Pass on Empire Climb Zone Mode in 2048
2048 Elite 3 – Get an Elite Pass on the C Class Combat Event on Metro Park 2048
2049 Elite 1 – Get an Elite Pass on B Class Race on Unity Square in 2049
2049 Elite 2 – Get an Elite Pass on the A Class Time Trial on Metro Park in 2049
2049 Elite 3 – Get an Elite Pass on Downtown Zone Mode in 2049
2050 Elite 1 – Get an Elite Pass on Queens Mall Zone in 2050
2050 Elite 2 – Get an Elite Pass on the A Class Race on Empire Climb in 2050
2050 Elite 3 – Get an Elite Pass on the A class Race in Sol in 2050
Multiplayer Begins – Finish an Online Multiplayer Event
1 Down, 19 to Go – Complete your first Online Multiplayer Level
50 Kills – Destroy 50 Ships in Online Multiplayer


Completist – Complete all events in the Single Player Campaign
Prototype – Elite Pass all Prototype Ship Challenges
Speed Thrills – Elite Pass any A+ Class Challenge
50 MP Events – Finish 50 Online Multiplayer events
Halfway There – Complete 10 Online Multiplayer Levels
Rank 25 – Reach Rank 25
The Unlock 7 – Destroy 7 opposition ships in any Race in the Single Player campaign
2048 Speed Pads – Hit a total of 2048 Speed Pads
Perfect Pi-hana – Get a perfect lap in the Pir-hana Prototype, in the A class, Unity Square, Speed Lap


Elite Completist – Elite Pass every event in the Single Player Campaign
Multiplayer Completist – Complete all nodes in the Online Multiplayer Campaign
Rank 50 – Reach Rank 50
Beat Zico – Beat Altima, C Class, Speed Lap, Pir-hana Speed – beat 52.00 seconds
Mach 1.5 – Reach Zone 65 in any Zone Event

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  1. I find this list to be very lousy and lame. Would it have killed the developpers to be a LITTLE WEE BIT creative about their trophies? especially lame are the zico trophy and the zone trophy. these kind of paste-n-copy-trophy-lists just point out the fact that we will be getting an old game for which we have to pay for again.. i am looking at you, uncharted-franchise and now wipeout.

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