Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – How To Get Your Free Vita Version

With so much talk about cross buy and getting a free vita version of the game, many gamers have been speculating on how it would work. Now that Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is out for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, here is a quick guide to getting your free Vita version.


  • Make sure you’re on Playstation 3 firmware 3.41 or greater. The game will give an error if you’re on anything lower than that.
  • If you’re still having problems getting this guide to work, try patching Playstation All-Stars first.


Start by putting in your copy of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, which should appear as three different icons. The first one if the game, the second is “Disc Benefits” and the final is the digital manual. To get your Vita version you want to select Disc Benefits.

After selecting Disc Benefits you’re given a number of messages, which basically say you’re applying this game to your account and that this choice will be final. Make sure this is the account you want to use and agree. This will end with a message telling you the disc has been applied to your account and you’ll be given a link to the playstation store.

Click enter and you’ll be transported to a store listing for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Vita. The game will be listed as free, so simply go through the prompts and you’ll be given the Vita version and online pass for free. From here you can download the Vita version, enter your online pass (not needed for the Vita game) or simply exit the playstation store.

Finally for those wondering what happens if you try it on another account, you will get the message above.

Video Guide

If for some reason you’re having problems with the guide above, I also made a quick video to show it off.

“Disc Benefits Coming Soon” Error

Recently I’ve been getting more and more questions about redeeming the game on different region accounts. If this sounds like your problem, I strongly suggest you read this section before posting!

As I’ve mentioned in the video a few times, Disc Benefits is basically a unique code included with the disc. The code can ONLY be redeemed on the same region it came from, which is no different from any other code on the PSN. This means if you have the US version of the game and a Japanese account, you can’t redeem the game. If this sounds like your problem, then you stuck with only one solution and that’s exchanging redeems. I’ve seen enough people have this problem where this is a market, but hard to say when or if you will find someone willing. Remember that you must both give accurate account information and you will lose the activation upon use, so make sure the person is trust worthy before trading or thinking about going this route.

Also if the Vita version is delayed for whatever reason (ala Ratchet and Clank), simply try again when the store updates with the game in question.

37 thoughts on “Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – How To Get Your Free Vita Version

  1. How exactly does this prevent re-use? Is there some sort of unique identifier on the disc itself that is used to register it to a specific account?

  2. @ Ayden

    It’s on the store, so you can download it like anything else on the Vita. If you’re unfamiliar with how this works, it’s pretty simple.


    1) Open the store on your Vita, click the bottom right circle, click download list, download All-Stars.
    2) Click the download icon on your PS3, download it, connect your Vita, select content manager, PS3 to Vita, Game, Select All-Stars and transfer.

  3. Thanks for the instructions! The game itself wasn’t very clear (i had assumed when you activated the online pass, it would give you the vita version. This version is slightly different :p

    The best part. Our store copy with online pass activated (on my friends psn) works like a charm, and i was able to activate the vita install on another psn id (my own). So technically we each got a version of the game :P

    Pretty impressed so far with the vita version. For what it is, they did a pretty decent job!

  4. I got ps3 and my friend got ps vita.So we are planning to share our game (Ps3 for me and Vita copy for him).But the problem i that he live in other country.So is it possible to login his vita PSN id into my ps3 and once i activated it..will the download list appear on his vita ????

  5. Thanx for the reply,but the main problem is that he study in New York while i live in Indonesia..As the video states you must download the vita version on ps3 then transfer the game to vita via USB,

    Of course i cant do that because me and my friend are in diffrent place.Is there any solution Or is there any code that i can retrieve from my Disc Benefit and give it to my friend in New York so he can activate the game from his vita.

    Or If i download the vita version on my PS3 and tied it to my PSN ID (My own PSN ID) ….Will the download appear on his Vita (My friend) when he login into my PSN ID??

    Sorry if i bother you too much.. i am so confused right now and the only place is here >.<

    Thanx for the help…:)

  6. @ Benny

    It seems a lot of people are confused by the video, which mostly comes from over thinking things. Disc Benefits most likely is just a programmed in code, which you redeem on the PSN Store. The video shows my actually BUYING the Vita version for the cost of nothing, which adds it to my download list. This game can then be downloaded on my Vita via the store or any PS3 with the account. Now you might have different problem since you have an out of region copy, but I can’t confirm or deny that.

  7. Hey Grant!

    I’m reluctant to buy the game for the PS3, because the it’s only available here (in the Philippines) for R3. However, the psn account registered in my Vita is R1. Does this mean I can’t download the Vita version?


  8. @ Taylor

    I don’t really what “unlocks” the game, so I can’t say for certain whither or not it will unlock. However, Play Asia ( lists the game for $59.99 and has free shipping. This would give you a US copy of the game, which could be used to unlock the US vita version 100%. For DLC you can just pop on a US account and buy, since the first 2 characters are free downloads (first 2 weeks).

  9. I keep getting the error code but my ps3 firmware is up to date I don’t know what to do please help.

  10. Im having the issue Tom. Up to date firmware, but still getting an error code trying to access the vita version when I click on the icon from thr XMB

  11. Can someone help me every time I go on to the disc benefits it tells me it’s coming soon
    How long do I have to wait or is it just an error???

  12. Hey Grant,

    Thanks for great support so far. Can you tell me for sure, as one of visitors posted, you can activate vita version on one psn account and ps3 version online pass on second psn account without any problems?

    Thanks in advance

  13. Hey guys. I have this problem with regions too.
    I´ve bought the R3 game, but my account is from Brazil.
    When I go to the Disc Benefits icon, it says “Disc Benefits coming soon”.
    What does that mean? I have to wait for the game release in Brazil (which already happened) or it means that I can only redeem my free Vita copy with an Asian account?
    Just for info, I´ve created an Asian account and the disc benefits worked just fine, I just didn´t redeemed it yet for the Asian account.

  14. @ Rick

    Since people KEEP asking this question I am including it to the main post, though you really should have read previous comments first.

    Disc Benefits is basically a fancy code on the disc, which works like any other code on the PSN. If you use the code in the wrong region, the server will reject it and say “Disc Benefits coming soon”. The only way around this is to redeem it on the right region or try to find someone willing to trade.

  15. Sorry, I´ve read the previous posts, just didn´t found this particular answer.
    So, that made clear, there´s another question.
    Is possible to link this asian account on my vita, download the game, then switch back to my main account and play the game?

  16. one of my friends has the american issue of the game and he lives in saudi arabai he told me that he made an ameican account on his ps3 and then he restored his psvita and used his american account to download the game and then he saved the game on his memory card and then restord his psvita again and then used his original account and he said it workt perfectily
    is it possibale because I don’t want to lose my cross buy vristion

  17. well since theres no other way
    Is anybody willing their account and i will add mine but please a true word

  18. Because I can’t understand english very well , i’m hoping for a simple answer to this simple question.

    I have a PS Vita and my brother have a PS3. And we have seperate accounts on PSN.

    1) If I will buy the PS3 version from the store, put the disc on the PS3 select Disc Benefits, what account should I use? My brothers or mine?

    2) If I use my account then could I use it on my PS Vita on my own account and my brother could use the PS3 version on his own account?

    Sorry if my English is bad.

  19. this might be a dumb a question
    if i buy the ps3 version can i get the vita without putting it
    in the ps3 (dont have a ps3 just want cheep version)

    i have a little brother who wants to play with me when i get a ps3
    but i want to play now because it looks cool

  20. The Vita version is a download code that work for the PS Vita console only. That being said, you can buy the game on PS Vita only. I’m sure I’ve seen retailers that have sold the game separately.

    But if you plan on getting a PS3 later, yes you can play the game on PS Vita by redeeming a code that will allow you to play a digital PS Vita copy.

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