E3 2012: LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Hands On

After seeing how successful Littlebigplanet was, many gamers were hoping for a portable version. This wish was granted with Littlebigplanet PSP, though it really failed to embody the original concept. Now that the Vita can capture the concept, is it time to try Littlebigplanet on the go?

Well long story short is yes. From the second you get to your pod, everything feels like the console counterpart. The visuals are among the best found on the Vita, which makes you forget you’re actually playing a portable game. This is only supported by fantastic controls.

If you’ve played Littlebigplanet before, then you’re sure to love the Vita version. It retains most of the elements found in 2,, including the extremely popular grappling hook. These controls are supported by well designed levels, that were challenging, but not to the point they’re unenjoyable. Beyond the past, there are some Vita exclusive features too. The first is touch enabled platforms, so you can bring the pad down to launch your sackboy in the air. The other addition uses the gyroscope, which forces you to tilt your Vita for the platform to move. Both of these elements were confined to simple area’s, so don’t expect some crazy feats.

Naturally the single player is great, but Littlebigplanet is about creating. From what little I saw, it was quite the expansive mode, though is acted similar to previous versions. Some earlier players were nice enough to make a few levels, which one person playing actually mistook for the story.

With the release date in limbo, it’s easy to expect another PSP version. However I am delighted to tell you that it is everything the PSP version should have been. The visuals were great, there was a story and the controls were spot on. I strongly suggest giving this title the time of day if you like platformers, Littlebigplanet oor simply want to make levels.