Dampierre In Soul Calibur V As Pre-Order Bonus, Maybe DLC

Dampierre, the unknown, exceedingly quirky fighter from Soul Calibur’s PSP entry, is so far nowhere to be seen in Soul Calibur V.

Oh wait, yes he is.

Available as a Best Buy Pre-Order bonus in America, we’ve still not heard plans of how others will be able to get ahold of him. Normally this kind of locked content comes later as DLC, and probably will, but so far Namco has been pretty tight lipped about it. Even when prodded about it, Rich Bantegui of Namco Bandai had only this to say…

“Currently there as a Pre-Order Bonus – Ill update the community as soon as i get some news.”

Who knows? He might not be released at all! Let’s hope this isn’t the case. Or we’ll all have to stare at that ugly blank spot on our character select screens.

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