Amy’s Thrilling Opening Scene

Recently there has been a lot of talk of Amy. A lot of this has been about the quality, but so little of the game has been shown. However you can now check out Amy’s opening sequence.

The opening covers exactly what you would expect it to cover. Some of the plot is touched on and of course something causes the “zombies” to appear. There is also a little gameplay included, but not enough to really judge the game.

Amy is currently out for the Xbox and will be out on the PSN next week. You can also check out our review of Amy later this week.

4 thoughts on “Amy’s Thrilling Opening Scene

  1. I don’t think many wants to play “Amy”, but more so the genera it represents. Classic survival horror games have become more run/gun games, so people are desperate for anything that is in it’s genre. Amy just so happened to be made for this group, so naturally that group hyped it.

  2. Seriously, Amy is the worst video game character. Kachi from Sin and Punishment 2 is way better!!

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