Amy’s Only Problem is Difficulty Says Developers

In the past few weeks Amy went from the upcoming shining light of the survival horror world, to simply a debacle. This is due to several poor choices, which put the game into the limelight. Sadly Amy went on to receive several low scores and oddly enough almost every gamer was on the same page. Between critics/users just about everyone agreeing the game could use a little bit more polish.

In response it would seem Vectorcell disagrees with these claims. According to a facebook post made in honor of the US PSN release, it would seem they think the issue is simply difficulty and nothing more. You can find the full statement below.

“Hi all,

Today is the official release day of the PSN version in the US and we wanted to take this opportunity to come back to you.
As many of you have already heard, AMY is a HARD game. Some people totally disliked that while other really enjoyed it.
We believe this is part of the survival experience we tried to build as we wanted the game to be challenging.
However, we actively listen to the community and comments and hence recommend the non-hard core gamers to launch the game in EASY mode (in the settings) for now.
This will give them a much more pleasant and smoother experience, especially as the checkpoints are scarce.

In addition, we wanted to thank those of you who bought the game and rated it on the XBOX market and the PSN Store.
Indeed, AMY has been #1 in the daily XBLA charts since its launch in all major territories and players have rated it between 3 and 4 out of 5 on XBLA and more than 4 on the PSN despite the controversy.
For us, the players’ ratings (almost 9500 so far) are the most important ones.

As always, we will come back to you with updated information as soon as we can.
Thanks a lot.”

While this does happen like in Spelunker HD’s case, our review makes no mention of difficulty, but simply annoyances caused by glitched. Additionally according to PSNProfiles, it would appear that 7/15 users who beat the game, did it on hard.

With this being said how do you feel about the statement? Do you think the difficulty earned it low scores or do you think they’re “avoiding” the issues at hand?

One thought on “Amy’s Only Problem is Difficulty Says Developers

  1. Oh my, really? That’s their excuse?

    When I read that message that you put up from their facebook page, what I heard is, “Since most of you are spoiled assholes who can handle any challenge, we’re making it easier for you. But just so you know, we truly don’t care. We’re currently the best selling XBLA game, so SUCK MAH DICK!”

    I dunno how many gamers will take my opinion as well, but I can tell you, it won’t improve AMY’S popularity.

    And just as a polite note, great article!

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