Sonic CD Trophy Guide

Recently on the Playstation 3 we saw the releases of the first two Sonic games. These were described by many as extremely difficult. Most of this came from the no death requirement in addition to beating the game extremely fast. This caused many to quit far easier. Sonic CD changes the rules a bit. By having easier requirements, but adding far more tedious tasks. While there is no way to avoid all of the tedium; this guide should make it a lot simpler for anyone!



88 Miles per Hour          
Travel through time.
After you run through a Past or Future sign, you will be able to travel through time. This is performed by running for a long period without being interrupted and getting some sparkles behind you. If you do this long enough without being stopped you will travel. This should happen by accident, though you can check out our First Five video for more information.

Just one hug is enough
Get a hug by Amy.
This can be obtained at few places, though most are fairly bothersome. The last place is during the Metal Sonic boss fight. Here you will 100% get the hug and the trophy.

Paradise Found
Complete a zone in the Good Future.
Every zone has 3 acts. The first and second ones contain Metal Sonic projectors and teleporters in the past. These items bring about the doom/gloom future you see in boss fights. However if you destroy these items in the past, it will bring about the Good Future. The game will also tell you that it’s the good future. If you do this for the other act the boss fight will change. Over being gloomy it will change to a very vibrant scene. This will give you the trophy.
Additionally obtaining every time stone will automatically give you the good future regardless of what you do.

Take the High Road
Pass the upper signpost in Collision Chaos 2.
At the very end you will see a HUGE ramp. This is seriously seconds from the literal end. Anyways if you have enough speed (run with X + Up), you can get some serious air. Ideally you will get enough to make it past the red spring and on top of the platform above.

Statue Saviour
Find the angel statue in Wacky Workbench.
In the past there are some things that are different. One of the thing’s is that there is a hidden room in the middle of the map. This room will be on the bottom and is normal ground. If you run up the ramp here you will find the statue. This is also important to note as constantly entering the room will give you rings. Roughly four trips will give you 200 rings.

Heavy Metal
Defeat Metal Sonic without getting hurt.
Your goal is fairly simple, but still hard. The best way to do this is to always have the lead and wait for him to run. This will usually remove any problems in addition to making him predictable. Towards the end the floor will change. This is your cue to jump at the next ridge. Here you can get a serious lead from above. If everything is done right, you’ll do it perfectly.

Dr. Eggman Got Served
Destroy Dr. Eggman’s final machine.
Simply beat the campaign. No time stones or anything fancy is required.


King of Rings
Collect 200 Rings.
There are two methods to this and they both use the past. You can either destroy the enemy teleporter. This will destroy every enemy on the map and give you time to find everything or you can find the secret statue. For more information on the statue see “Statue Saviour”.

All Stages Clear!
Finish the game.
This is the same as “Dr. Eggman Got Served”, but here are some tips nonetheless.

  • Every boss has a hidden 1 up you can obtain once per life. This makes it impossible to fail at a boss.
  • Stages set in the past are easier.
  • You’re in no rush so take your time if need be.

Beyond this Sonic CD is extremely easy to do.

Just in Time!
Complete the Time Attack mode in under 25 minutes.
Okay this is the game breaking trophy. Personally I found doing a solid run on your first try was almost enough. After this I only redid two area’s for my trophy. The general rule of thumb is to move forward and know what to expect. This sounds harder than it really is though. The best thing to do is to compare times. You can find my pathetic times listed below.

Saviour of the Planet
Destroy all the robot teleporters and Metal Sonic holograms in the past.
This must be done in one cycle and can be extremely annoying. The general idea is to go into the past and find these items, but most are in extremely obvious places. If you’re having problems simply check out Zone :0.


Treasure Hunter
Collect all the Time Stones.
This is so simple it’s almost laughable. First you must get 50 rings which can be hard, but in no way impossible. Generally speaking if you fail this by the time you see the goal sign, simply quit and retry. After this you will need to destroy every UFO for the stone. This can be hard as water will destroy your time. General run of thumb is to play till you’re down to 15 seconds. If you’re certain you can’t win, quit. This will allow you to endlessly retry.
Keep in mind that the stones are in order, but the order doesn’t change off of your failures. So if you miss stone 5, it will go 6 > 7 > 5.