Could Kevin Butler Appear as Uncharted 3 DLC?

Just yesterday I was talking about how Sony mentions random thing’s in contests. Today we got a new Uncharted 3 contest known as “Find the Ring”. This is not to be confused with the previous “Grab the Ring” contest. With the notable addition of winning the game it’s self, there is an extremely interesting prize listed.

The game mentions a number of items in an extremely vague manor. Like the shirts are simply called A, B, and C or Mystery Weapon 1/2 are simply weapons, there is one item that stands out. This is the mention of  “KB Skins” which brings up some questions. The first being what could KB stand for. Looking at the Uncharted wiki, there is no character that features these initials. Additionally looking at the PSN store, there is no content of this name. This is assuming Naughty Dog isn’t trying to be Mortal Kombat and this is the “Klassic Skin” packs or Krash Bandicoot.

While normally this idea would seem outrageous, Uncharted 3 has been notorious for commercialism. This is most notable with the Subway promo, early multiplayer, costumes, unique treasures and of course the five dollar footlong taunt. Additionally most gamers that have seen the mention, have drawn the same conclusion. Naturally this is pure speculation, but it would be quite interesting if true.