Skyward Sword – Side Quest: Item Check Crush

Throughout the game you will notice conversational options to flirt with the Peatrice, the Item Check girl. After flirting with her head to her house located directly below the Bazaar and sleep until night. When you wake up, speak with her father Peater who is sitting at the table. He will inform you of his feelings about his daughter’s dating habits and will begin the Item Check Crush side quest.

To complete the quest simply flirt with Peatrice again during the day and speak with her another night. You then have the option to either convince her that you share her feelings to receive 5 Gratitude Crystals or you can break things off with her and receive 5 Gratitude Crystals from her father.

Note: this quest can only be started after a certain point in the game even though you can flirt with Peatrice very early on, and can only be completed after Link heals the Water Dragon.

3 thoughts on “Skyward Sword – Side Quest: Item Check Crush

  1. Does it affect anything at all later on if Link tells Peatrice he likes her or wants to break up? Like if he breaks up with her will she hate him? or if he likes her will he not be able to end up with Zelda?

  2. Dang, i was hoping link would hook up with her once i finished the game, maybe Zelda could hook up with Groose or something :P

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