Skyrim – Lord Vaermina & the Daedric Artifact of Skull of Corruption

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One of the Daedric Artifact that is available in Skyrim is Vaermina’s Skull of Corruption. Unlike the Azura’s Star quest, getting the Skull of Corruption or not will require you to be at a specific level.

The requirement in order to trigger the ‘Waking Nightmare’ Daedric Quest is you need to be at least Level 14. If you’re way past that, then let’s hunt for the Skull of Corruption.

SKULL OF CORRUPTION – a Daedric Artifact

Once you get past level 14, you can now trigger the quest in Dawnstar.

Talk to the Priest of Mara named Erandur. He’ll discuss with you the dreams that haunts Dawnstar and will require your help. It seems that the Daedric Lord Vaermina is behind this!

Agree to help him solve the mystery of Dawnstar and he’ll ask you to follow him to a temple.

Once you reach your destination, he’ll warn you about the Miasma that is lurking inside the NightCaller temple. Also, there will be Ocrs and Priest that you will fight.

Inside the temple, make sure that you have some Potions with you as there will be some tough enemies ahead. Don’t forget to save.

Before you can reach deep inside the temple where the Skull of Corruption is resting, you will have to do a series of pick up quest. You’ll be asked by Erandur to locate a book and a potion for you to drink.

When you drink the Torpor Potion, you’ll go in a dream state where you’ll learn the reason why the Miasma is inside the temple.

Following your mini-mission in the dream world, go deeper into the temple and you’ll fight Erandur’s colleagues.

Once you take kill Veren and Thorek, you now have to choose…


Option 1:

Kill Erandur and get the Staff of Corruption for yourself.

Option 2:

Let Erandur destroy the Staff of Corruption and he’ll join you instead. Take note that Erandur is one of the most powerful companions to have in the game.

The Staff of Corruption

This is beneficial for those who attack people that are sleeping. This is an enchanted staff.

3 thoughts on “Skyrim – Lord Vaermina & the Daedric Artifact of Skull of Corruption

  1. I recommend you get the Ebony Blade before getting the Skull of Corruption. This way you can kill Erandur with the Ebody Blade counting toward the upgrade of that blade.

    Need to kill people that you are close to for upgrading that one.

    Best to have lot of the Miscellaneous Objectives done, then join Brotherhood and get to kill a few of these people that made you do useless errands.

    The Ebony Blade is the special Daedric Artifact weapon that two-handed and has unlimited (no soul needed to recharge) drain health enchantment and the only way to upgrade is my killing people that trust you. Unlike other Daedric Artifact weapons, it cannot be upgraded as a Blacksmith.

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