Rage Install Time on the PS3 is Long; 7.6GB Required

Installing a game data on the PS3 can be too annoying depending on the size of the data. With Rage, expect to save at least 7.7GB as the game will pretty much require 7.6GB Of hard drive space.

Now, the big question is, how long does it take to install that data?

When installing a game’s data like Rage, don’t expect it to finish in less than ten minutes. In fact, while you are installing Rage, you can go ahead and watch a full length 30 minute TV episode on Netflix. By the time the episode is finished, Rage would be ready to play. Depending on the speed and life of your hard drive, installing Rage’s data will vary from 20 to 30 minutes.

30 minutes is a long installation… If you want this not to happen in the future and are willing to invest money on a HDD, get a Solid State Drive.

6 thoughts on “Rage Install Time on the PS3 is Long; 7.6GB Required

  1. Unless you have a picture/video of the install time, then I have no reason to believe what you’re saying.

  2. That’s funny. Heavy Rain with a 5 GB install takes roughly 5 minutes to install. That’s one minute per GB. I might be a little off, but it definitely didn’t take 15-20 minutes. You’re wrong. It might take 8-12 minutes, but it definitely won’t take 30 minutes. Now the 22 GB install on the 360 will probably take a good 30 minutes. Funny how you don’t bring that up…

  3. pc guy here, installation length isnt not set by size of file only but system of compression which “unpacking” data into HDD, Solid state disk is useless because biggest bottleneck will be CD/DVD/HDDVD/Bluray transfer speed medium… HDD has around 50-150MB/s bluray in PS3 should have 9MB/s (Bluray 2x)

  4. Wow. Does the Author knowing anything about the ps3? A SSD wont help, and if it does it wont be noticeable because of the slow bluray drive.

  5. the sad thing is after all that time…the game looks terrible!
    every time you move your head you will have to wait for the textures to show!
    every single time you move your head,in doors or outdoors
    this is just sad

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