Gears of War Now on Games on Demand

Let’s start the new year by downloading the game that started the Gears of War series via Games on Demand. If you are one of those gamers that just got a XBOX 360 for the Holidays and you are looking for a great third person shooter, Gears of War is the game. With the low price of $19.99, you will be able to experience a war that can be considered as brutal.

I am sure by the time you are finished with Gears of War, you will be rushing out to the store and get Gears of War 2. Trust me, it’s worth it.

One thought on “Gears of War Now on Games on Demand

  1. CODBO is going to be ariving on the the November Eleventh god I just cant freaking wait for it to come out. Add me on Xbox my gamertag is Venste

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