Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Platinum Trophy Reward

Getting a Platinum Trophy means you have to get every single trophies out there and I know it’s hard. With Uncharted 2, not only you will get a Platinum Trophy on your PSN Gamer Card, you will also be rewarded. When playing Multiplayer and you managed to achieve a Platinum trophy, you will get a rare skin.

There’s also a Platinum Trophy reward for Single-Player campaign under Single-Player skin but we still have not checked it out. However, since it’s a skin, it should be the same as the reward for Multiplayer’s Hero skin…


Hey at least you get something that’s worth your time. More revalation on Uncharted 2 later this week.

9 thoughts on “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Platinum Trophy Reward

  1. The prize isn’t that great but it’s still a great incentive, I wish more producers did this.

  2. The MP skin is more attractive to me than a HOME costume (which they could probably CHARGE for anyway).

  3. Nice reward,

    there are probably going to have tons have MP skins.

    I got the Navaro code, I also think you can play as pirates from the first game (it might be DLC) and I also think you can play as Francis Drake

  4. The crushing mode in the 1st one was hard as hell. I hope the crushing mode in this one isnt hard as the 1st one. I hate so muche these aimbot

  5. @What the,,, ?

    I wouldn’t say so because if you’ve read the summary of the game you’d know Drakes quest this time has to do with Macro Polo…

    …though that’s not to say there won’t be zombie polo in U2.

  6. meh not really worth it.
    took me forever to plat uncharted.
    i really wish games stopped making you finish the game twice or more to get the plat.
    i mean i dont have enough time to finish every game i have as it is let alone having to finish them twice!
    and none of this BS MP trophies like the 100000 competitive kills in R2.
    trophies should be rewarded for skill not time spent on the game, and i dont know about you but i dont have 10 hours per day to play resistance 2 online.
    some people have to work, study and have a social life at the same time.

  7. virtuoso@playstationmalta

    Thats a very good idea , you get something for your platinum, and crushing mode on the first one was not that hard neither, I think it should be harder, so it will hard for everyone to achieve skins !!

    Good job and great idea,

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