Two Companies Localizing Way Of The Samurai 3

Way of the Samurai 3 will be hitting North American shores thanks to Agetec and UFO. This is a strange situation indeed because one company is handling one console, and one company the other.
UFO will be handling the Xbox 360 localization while Agetec will be doing the PS3 version. I personally have never seen something like this, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see is the localizations are identical or not. We’ll keep you posted as more news about this game(or games) comes in.

2 thoughts on “Two Companies Localizing Way Of The Samurai 3

  1. I’m pretty surprised more media hasn’t picked this story up – but I suppose that’s the result of the even-more-surprising fact that neither UFO nor Agetec seem to have done any press releases for the title.

    All there is, is UFO’s single page for the 360 version, and a banner ad on Tommo’s site – a distributor both companies share.

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