Rumor: XBOX 360 60GB Model for $249?

The price drop on the XBOX 360 Elite was leaked in the latest Walmart sale paper. Starting next week, the Elite will drop its price to $299 making it the same as the price tag of the PS3 Slim. If the Elite is dropping its price to $299, what about the 60GB Model?

An anonymous tipster told us that starting August 30th, the 60GB Model will retail at $249.99 (until the supply is depleted) making it $50 cheaper than its original retail price. There is currently no confirmation of this but our tip came from a “Best Buy Employee”

There is no Official announcement yet from Microsoft but we will keep you updated on this news!

3 thoughts on “Rumor: XBOX 360 60GB Model for $249?

  1. it is, as the article says till its depleted.
    but 50 bucks is not enough for it to sell, i would rather spend the 50 bucks extra and get the elite or a ps3, 200 bucks is the maximum i would be willing to pay for a xbox 360 pro.
    think about it 50 bucks more and your getting a extra 60GB HDD Space, and here the elite comes HDMI cables (not phased out yet) and with 12 month gold live subscription where the pro does not.
    HDMI cables alone are worth the extra 50 bucks let alone the live subscription let alone the extra 60GB HDD space.
    and the elite i think is suppose to be more reliable.
    not sure if its true but the elite is suppose to be less prone to RRODs

  2. HDMI cables are not worth 50 bucks, since I can get them online (like I did for my Xbox Pro) for a couple bucks. Now, the 12 month subscription and 60 more GBs of HDD is worth the extra 50.

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