WWE 2K18 Creation Suite Looks Awesome This Year

WWE 2K18 Creation Suite Looks Awesome This Year

2K Games has released a new video looking at the development of WWE 2K18. We see the Creation Suite which is the mode that allows you to create wrestlers and more.

WWE 2K18 has one of the most comprehensive create modes in all of gaming. You can customize a lot of things in the game including wrestlers’ teeth! You can also draw in patterns on shirts and more.

There is also create-a-video so you can look at the highlights you do in a match. Custom match types are also back which was a feature in the older video games.

Several new moves have also been added to the create a finisher mode. Lot of new animations are included due to the big roster that WWE has in today’s landscape. Lastly, you can create your own arenas as well. More can be seen in the video posted below.

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