Vince McMahon Has Been Added To The WWE 2K18 Roster

2K Games has now revealed that Vince McMahon will be playable in the WWE 2K18 roster. This is one more name you can add to the big list of names that are in this year.

Vince McMahon wrestled in the past with the likes of Steve Austin, Bret Hart and many others. His son and daughter Shane and Stephanie are also playable in the new game.

People thought he was missing in WWE 2K18 because his name didn’t pop out during the roster reveals. Now we can confirm he is in the game, they just made the announcement later than expected.

WWE 2K18 is out this October for PS4 and Xbox One. Later this Fall, the game is also heading to the Nintendo Switch console.

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Damian Antony Seeto

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