Career Mode Detailed In WWE 2K18

2K Games has now spilled the beans on more details about the Career Mode in WWE 2K18. Lots of improvements have been included to this year’s game.

2K Games posted more about the Career Mode in WWE 2K18 via a new blog. There are two ways you can make the story mode interesting. You can either become a “Company Man” or a “Fan Favorite”.

Company Man is essentially the bad guy route where you do anything to please the GM. This is pretty much you becoming Triple H when he was a wrestler. The other way is Fan Favorite and it’s your task to do the best matches and promos you can muster. Essentially this mode you will take path like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

You can also now free roam the backstage area. This is cool because you can meet other wrestlers or participate in backstage interviews and more. They have also updated the promos giving you more options compared to last year’s game. Finally, your friends can invade your MyCareer!

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