WWE 2K17 vs WWE 2K18 Graphics Comparison Screenshots Released

2K Games has released some screenshots comparing the graphics between WWE 2K17 and WWE 2K18. They also released the first footage from the game too!

The screenshots include the character models of Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. As you can see, the graphics have improved by quite a significant margin.

They also released the first footage in the video you see below. It takes a close look at the Raw arena and some of the WWE Superstars’ entrances. The lighting has improved by a lot.

Randy Orton has the same entrance animation he did last year, although the character model is much shinier than ever before. They also said the atmosphere has been improved too! WWE 2K18 releases this October 17th on PS4 and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch version is released at a later date.

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