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Good: Charming characters, Is more than meets the eye, Unique ways to play, Solid twists
Bad: Some puzzles are quite esoteric, Is short without exploration, Difficulty is not very consistent
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One advantage smaller/indie games have over high-budget titles is the ability to be different. When you’re spending millions on a project, it needs to sell and it needs to sell well. While the same is true for smaller/indie games, the numbers they need to hit are much lower, so they can make choices some people might not care for and still find success. Among these titles is the PC hit Undertale. This RPG gives players the ability to beat the game without killing anyone, with the option to kill or find their own path. With quirky characters, a charming story and unique mechanics, is Undertale a game that PlayStation gamers need to experience or is it more hype than substance?

Undertale tells a simple story about a human that becomes trapped underground where all the monsters are sealed. While the protagonist wants to go home, the monsters need the human’s soul so they can lift the seal and be free to roam on the surface. It’s a simple story that serves as a narrative and driving force for the adventure.

Even though the monsters are, well, monsters, most are depicted as misunderstood or victims of circumstance. Several don’t want to hurt the human, but many need that hope and the only way to achieve their goal is with the power of seven human souls.

What stands out about Undertale is that it’s a story about emotions more than anything else.  Sure, there is a constant narrative, that has a couple endings based off how you approach enemies, but some of the best twists and moments stem from understanding the enemy’s perspective. Be it Toriel wanting to rebuild her family, Sans looking to support his brother or Papyrus looking for friendship, it makes for a relatable experience, which is likely why Undertale has resonated with so many people.

Another aspect that makes Undertale unique, is how combat is approached. Players have the choice to talk through most conflicts and show mercy or simply kill everything. Both have their own unique challenges, like pacifist can make certain fights hard to figure out and genocide limits the additional challenges, but they also have their own strengths.

Fighting enemies is performed by selecting attack and then a slider will appear with a bar that goes across it. Where it stops will determine how much damage that attack performs, making it crucial to master the timing. If fighting isn’t enjoyable, there is always the peaceful approach.

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Undertale (PS4) Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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