Capcom Releasing New Thailand Stage And School Uniforms To Street Fighter V

Some new additions are being added to Street Fighter V later this month. Capcom is releasing many new costumes of the characters as well as a new stage.

Capcom announced that the Thailand stage from Street Fighter II will now be available in Street Fighter V. The stage has been remastered for a modern look. It will be available on April 25th for 70,000 in-game Fight Money or for just $3.99.

The Thailand stage is iconic as it’s the same stage that was used for M. Bison in Street Fighter II. You can now play it in HD and it should also have its own background music.

Other things coming to the game are school uniform outfits. These school uniform outfits will be available for the characters of Ryu, Chun-Li, and Juri. The three costumes can be bought for $3.99 each.

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