Gamestop Circle Of Life Program Is Changing For The Better


Gamestop is rethinking its controversial Circle of Life program so that individual employees won’t be pressured into selling people used games, pre-orders and more.

The Circle of Life program is a company move to increase profits. They pressured employees to push used games, pre-orders, Game Informer subscriptions and more.

If employees didn’t reach certain targets, they would either see reduced working hours or would get fired altogether. It was an unpopular move that gained traction when Kotaku reported it.

Kotaku has now since heard back from sources from Gamestop and the company is rethinking its Circle of Life program. They will no longer track the performance of each employee and instead just keep tabs on the entire store as a whole.

Basically the Circle of Life program still exists, although individual hard working employees won’t get punished for not reaching sales targets. Gamestop will just look at the performance of an entire store.

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