Will Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Come Out Before Final Fantasy XV?

Will Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Come Out Before Final Fantasy XV?


With Square Enix announcing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD at E3, is this a sign that game will be out before Final Fantasy XV?

It was surprising to hear that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is releasing for the Xbox One and PS4. After all, the game was originally released for the PSP in Japan only. The Xbox One and PS4 is a step up from the PSP.

Square Enix has told fans to be patient for the release of both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III. It feels like both games are taking a long time to develop.

The announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD could be sign that game will be released first to satisfy fans until either Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III come out.

This was a strategy employed by Capcom between the gap of Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III. Loads of versions of Street Fighter II were released as well as other Street Figher series before Street Fighter II finally came out.

Hopefully the absences of Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV just means they’re saving them for other video game events later this year.

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Damian Antony Seeto

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    It better not fucking come out before xv. I don’t give two shits about type 0

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