WWE Network Now Available On Xbox One

WWE Network Xbox One

WWE has announced that the WWE Network is now available for the Xbox One platform.

WWE Network comes to Xbox One two months after it debuted back in February earlier this year. You will need to have an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription in order to use WWE Network. The service is also only available for USA customers only. WWE plans to roll out the network in other countries from late 2014 onward.

WWE Network is only $9.99 per month with a six month commitment. You can access a ton of unique programming plus every PPV event is live for you to watch. You also have access to a ton of old content too.

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Damian Antony Seeto

Game reviewer from New Zealand. Been writing since 2009.


    May 1, 2014, 7:24 AM

    I’m really happy WWE Network has finally came to Xbox One. I’ve been watching it on my PS4, but I consider my PS4 my primary gaming console and that’s all I really like to use it for. My Xbox One, I use to watch things like Netflix, Vudu, Hulu and DirecTv, so now I can also watch WWE Network, keeping all my TV/movie entertainment conveniently in one place. It’ll also make it a lot easier to watch WWE’s pre-shows before RAW and Smackdown with Xbox One’s split-screen. I don’t like having to have a Gold subscription to use it, but I have one anyway, so oh well.

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  2. AJ
    May 1, 2014, 4:34 PM

    WWE Network is the best thing since sliced bread, I have it in the UK on 24/7 I used http://thevpn.guru/watch-wwe-network-outside-usa/ and got it to work with Xbox One and never missed anything from WM30 to Warrior Week

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