Diablo 3: Or How I Learned To Love The Rift


Let’s be honest, some of us have not been quick to jump on the Diablo 3 wagon. Those of us who have not are missing one incredible experience. I recently jumped on and it currently has a grip that nothing can free me of (seriously help me). I would not have it any other way.

Hearthstone is sort of a gateway game that requires the Blizzard App to work. Don’t get me wrong, Hearhstone is it’s own beast that I enjoy on a uncomfortably regular basis via my iPad. I just have an unhealthy infatuation with the PC version of Diablo 3 with all the Reaper Of Souls goodness that it entails. The rifts, the adventure mode, the ‘Act V’ all are just gravy on the Crusader train if it were. The game has formed a little continent of die-hard fans from near and fare who return to it day in and day out to farm those same rifts and bounties for better loot and drops. I personally wouldn’t have it any other way after experiencing it for two weeks.


The campaign mode is a sizable chunk of the game, but if you ask anyone they will tell you, the post-game is where it all gets better. Even before Reaper of Souls players would play over and over for better drops and various things like that. However, ever since the release of Reaper of Souls it has become an even better post-game environment for fans. They have created bounties that players are able to do which are broken down into each of the five existing acts. They range from beating campaign bosses to clearing out an area of enemies. Upon completion you are granted with a trove of experience and if you manage to complete them all, you are granted a hand-full of blood shards, rift stone fragments and a special mystery box cache. What exists within this box is anyone’s guess but that’s half the fun.


Not only do new daily bounties and randomly generated rifts keep players coming back to Diablo 3 for the Adventure mode, but the Paragon system does it’s own thing to warrant players to stick around. Paragon levels are awarded after every level after 70 and grant a point to distribute over a selection of skills in five categories it allows players to shape their character and feel a sense of fulfillment too.

Enough cannot be said about the rifts, they are addictive in nature and warrant their own rewards with having usually around 8-10 champions within it before the bar progresses far enough to unlock the rift guardian which is just another supped up champion. Sometimes even treasure chests will be scattered around the rifts so before you enter, be sure to clear out your inventory. You don’t want to feel silly when your inventory is full and a few legendary items drop.

I find myself coming to Diablo 3 more than I would like to admit. I have owned the console version since release and picked it up for the first few days, but nothing quite like this. Reaper of Souls and everything it encompasses has really gotten me excited for the upcoming Ultimate Evil edition which is set to release on consoles later this year. So if you have a chance to give Diablo 3 a try, do it. The Battle.net app allows for download of the Starter Edition which I believe lets you play most of Act I. Nothing to lose except precious time and your life before you met Diablo.

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