Twitch Plays Pokemon FireRed Randomizer Is Making The Game Very Crazy

Five badges down

Twitch Plays Pokemon

When Twitch Plays Pokemon was just starting up Pokemon FireRed a little over a week ago, we told you about the new feature in the game known as the randomizer. This completely randomized the locations and movesets for Pokemon, for both wild and trainers. As of last night, five badges have been acquired, and with the big differences in this game, I thought I would give a quick rundown so far.

After starting with a Machop as a starting Pokemon, the roster has changed quite a bit, with Swablu, Wartortle, Vigoroth, Sandslash, Nidoran, and Masquerain making up the roster as of last night. The five badges acquired so far are as follows:

-Received Boulder Badge from Brock the Bug Gym Leader
-Received Cascade Badge from Misty the Poison Gym Leader
-Received Thunder Badge from Lt. Surge the Ground Gym Leader
-Received Rainbow Badge from Erika the Ice Gym Leader
-Received Marsh Badge from Sabrina the Normal Gym Leader

I’m curious to see if we will see the randomizer used in future installments of Twitch Plays Pokemon as well. It has certainly made the game more interesting to see play out this time around.

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