Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Guide – Pokemon League Champion Diantha

Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Guide – Pokemon League Champion Diantha

Pokemon X and Y League Champion Diantha 1

As with every mainline Pokemon title, you will take on the Pokemon League Champion in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y after defeating the four members of the Elite Four.

Like every other game, the Pokemon League Champion will bring a full team of six different type Pokemon. It is vital to cover your bases with the different types you will face in this battle.

Below is the Pokemon League Champion Diantha and her team of Pokemon:

Pokemon League Champion: Diantha

Pokemon X and Y League Champion Diantha 3
Pokemon X and Y League Champion Diantha 2
Hawlucha – Lvl 64 (Fighting/Flying)
* This matchup doesn’t have any quadruple damage types, but there are a lot of ones that will be super effective including Electric, Ice, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy. Ground types will be utterly useless here while Bug types will also be pretty lackluster.
– Swords Dance
– Flying Press
– X-Scissor
– Poison Jab

Goodra – Lvl 66 (Dragon)
*This strategy goes back to Drasna of the Elite Four with just a single Dragon type. Your best option here is an Ice or Fairy Pokemon. Dragon will also be super effective, but you will be vulnerable yourself with using that type.
– Dragon Pulse
– Focus Blast
– Muddy Water
– Fire Blast

Aurorus – Lvl 65 (Rock/Ice)
*The next two Pokemon have something in common as they happen to be the two fossil Pokemon introduced in X and Y. Fighting and Steel type moves will completely destroy Aurorus for quadruple damage. Water, Grass, Ground, and Rock are also solid types to use against Aurorus.
– Reflect
– Light Screen
– Thunder
– Blizzard

Tyrantrum – Lvl 65 (Rock/Dragon)
*Tyrantrum won’t be quite as easy to beat as Aurorus due to a lack of any quadruple damage types, but it still shouldn’t be too much of a problem. You can use Ice, Fighting, Ground, Steel or Fairy types here. Dragon is also possible, but makes you vulnerable like against Goodra. Avoid Fire moves at all costs.
– Earthquake
– Dragon Claw
– Head Smash

Gourgeist – Lvl 65 (Ghost/Grass)
*Due to the Ghost type, you obviously cannot use any Normal or Fighting moves in this matchup. You will be best served to use a Fire, Ice, Flying, or Dark Type. I would avoid Ghost types even though they are super effective due to them also being weak to their own moves.
– Seed Bomb
– Trick-or-Treat
– Phantom Force

Gardevoir – Lvl 68 (Psychic/Fairy) – Will turn into Mega Gardevoir
*Diantha definitely chose to save the best for last with her Gardevoir who you will see Mega Evolve at the start of the battle. Due to the Fairy type, Dragon types will be completely ineffective in this battle, with Fighting only marginally better. You will want to try and use Poison, Ghost, or Steel here if possible. However, with these three types being some of the lesser used types, you won’t be too bad off using anything outside of the two types mentioned above as well as Psychic.
– Psychic
– Thunderbolt
– Moonblast
– Shadow Ball

Reward: 16,320 (Money)

Congrats! You are now the Kalos Pokemon League Champion!

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  • cgcghost

    I taught my level 56 Lucario Poison Jab and 2-shotted Gardevoir no problem. Overall, this E4 is really easy.

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  • Writer

    I defeated every one in a single move, this was the quickest champion battle I’ve ever had. Thanks for posting this!

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  • Tayla Cline

    I didn’t read thismuntilnafter I beat the champion but I did it pretty easily with lapras, lucario, venusaur, talonflame, greninja, and yveltal.

    GD Star Rating
  • Wow. About to go against Seibold, haven’t even gotten to the Champion. But this might help… I have Delphox, Lucario, Talonflame, Lampras, Vaporeon, and Yveltal. I hope I can defeat the Champion. :T

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