SWTOR Season One PvP Rewards Detailed

SWTOR Season One PvP Rewards Detailed

SWTOR Rancor Mount

When Game Update 2.7 arrives on SWTOR later this year, the first season of PvP will finally conclude. Those who still plays the game and have been participating in the ranked PvP matches, there’s a reward waiting (that’s if you’re good).

Players who have been playing SWTOR for quite some time and have been dominating the PvP matches will most likely receive a tier of rewards. Depending on how you rank on their leaderboards, your rewards will vary. From what they have revealed on the official post they did at the site, rewards vary from gear sets to an awesome Rancor mount. Yes, a Rancor mount!

Well, to see the list of rewards that will be available to top tier PvP players, check out the official post of Bioware.

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