Capcom Admits To Fairly Massive Mistake, Surprisingly

Capcom Admits To Fairly Massive Mistake, Surprisingly

Christian Svensson is kind of a big shot at Capcom. Why is this important? Because his words tend to be indicative of the company’s mindset as a whole… this means it’s kind of big when he admits to Capcom’s shame over the PC port of Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 was a part of the Capcom 5, a group of five games intended to be Gamecube exclusives (It didn’t work out, one was never released and three others were ported to the PS2), but ended up on other platforms. The PC port was a unanimously decided failure, being outsourced to Sourcenext.

When asked about the option of releasing Resident Evil 4 onto digital distributors, Christian Svensson replied…

“Sorry, but there’s enough people at Capcom who aren’t happy with that version and would prefer it not be in the digital marketplace.”

Humbling, really. But does this mean we’ll never truly get a great PC port of Resident Evil 4?

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Travis Tohill

  • The thing about the PC port, is that it WAS complete junk. But the things the modders did with it, were OUTSTANDING!

    They should just toss those guys some money, who worked on the true HD packs for it, motion blur, depth of field, etc. And then release THAT as the full on PC version of the game.

    I’m sure there’s still plenty of people who’d be willing to drop $9.99 on this game, if it was the awesome hd modded version

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