EA Details NBA Live 14’s Upcoming Content Update

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EA Sports has gotten some flak regarding the release of NBA Live 14 and how it wasn’t up to par of the competitor and lack of modes, etc. Well EA Sports seems to be dedicated to rectifying that issue as detailed in a new post on the website’s news page.

Sean O’Brien the Executive Producer at EA Tiburon in Orlando went on record listing the upcoming changes coming to NBA Live 14. He detailed the games new shootaround mode which will serve basically as a practice mode for players to fine tune their game as well as tutorials that will be available on the website. Sean’s description of the mode below:

you can work on various shots and moves to better understand each player’s release point and shot timing. In a previous update, we tweaked the timing of shots to make jumpers a little easier to hit and now you can focus on really dialing-in your timing in a stress-free environment.

Visual improvements have been promised to next years edition of the game as it is a long process but they reassured fans that they have already started face scanning NBA stars for the game as well as rendering and work towards the next NBA Live title is already in full swing and graphical enhancements will follow. Gameplay has been tweaked again in the new update to provide a more authentic feel as Sean explains:

We’ve improved responsiveness and control for first steps, plus dribble moves, which will give some of the league’s best players a more explosive first move and the ability to quickly change gears to blow by a defender. We’ve made multiple improvements to passing with ball physics, pass speeds and branch points within animations for improved responsiveness. We’ve worked to make passing and catching feel better and improve animation quality. Better responsiveness improves your ability to move the ball around the perimeter in the half court. Also, you’ll see how much better the overall flow of the game feels, especially in transition. Preserving momentum while passing and catching on the run makes transition more fun, and provides more opportunities to push the ball to a teammate and get to the basket for an easy bucket.

Finally Sean points out a few other tweaks as well as the inclusion of All-Star weekend;

In addition to all the changes I’ve already described, we’re also introducing the official court and jerseys for NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, as well as some additional Adidas Hardwood Classic uniforms and a new basketball complete with the signature of new NBA commissioner Adam Silver. For all you LIVE Season fans, we’ve moved the camera to default to normal broadcast view rather than player lock and we’re adding variety in the types of Challenges you’ll see day-to-day. We’ve also addressed some additional camera issues that you’ve pointed out in Big Moments in LIVE Season, as well as some other bug fixes in that mode and Ultimate Team.

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  1. Dirty Diaper
    February 8, 2014, 12:07 AM

    And yet….we still have to open up a Hex editor to be able to play this game in eyefinity/surroundview. I can’t even program, but with a little Googling I found out how to do this. Would be cool not to have to look at Westbrook’s junk when he’s up to make a free throw, though. I guess they’re just too busy to make an ultra-wide resolution that’s acceptable. Either that or there’s not enough Jay-Z money to get a server that can handle it.

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