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Good: Some Funny Moments, Tries to be Different
Bad: Horrible Last-Last Gen Graphics, Repetitive And Boring Gameplay, Lame Humor, Cheesy Cutscenes
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LocoCycle is an Xbox One launch title available on Xbox Live. The game shares some similarities to the famous Spy Hunter series, but you control a futuristic motorcycle as opposed to a car. As interesting as this sounds, LocoCycle is not a game that you should really play.

With the Xbox One now released, you would think the new technology would make games look better. We’ve seen amazing looking games on Xbox One such as Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome, but LocoCycle is not one of them.

The game a downloadable title for the Xbox One, but graphically you wouldn’t know this. LocoCycle doesn’t even look like a game that should be on the Xbox 360 either. No, the graphics look more like an average looking original Xbox game at best. The character models look false and the background environments lack any detail at all. If you just bought an Xbox One console, make sure not to play this game to your friends because they’d think you were playing on the original Xbox console instead.

Another thing that annoyed me about the game is the lame cinematics that are featured. Because the in-game graphics are so poor, they chose the cinematics to be played out with real actors. I don’t mind seeing live action scenes, but not when it’s on a very low budget. The actors they chose are horrible and they over-act their lines. I know a game like this isn’t supposed to be taken seriously, but the humor that they’re trying to pull off never really clicks. It reminds me of the lame humor Sam Raimi tried to pull off in his Spider-Man movie trilogy….

In terms of the story, LocoCycle is the weirdest game you’ll ever come across. You control a futuristic motorcycle named I.R.I.S that is similar to KITT in Knight Rider in a lot of ways. She can talk and control herself without any driver and also has lots of gadgets in her arsenal. She can even perform martial arts. I am not joking about that last part.


The weirdest thing about the game is that I.R.I.S is stuck with a “sidekick” named Pablo who is her mechanic. While working on I.R.I.S one day, Pablo gets his foot stuck to her wheel and then Pablo gets dragged off when I.R.I.S wakes up. He is then dragged along on his back throughout the entire game while I.R.I.S travels to Scottsburg, Indiana to attend a motorcycle rally.

An evil corporation called Big Arms are the creators of I.R.I.S and once they know she escapes, they follow her and Pablo across the USA to try and apprehend her. This is pretty much the gist of the game and it’s wacky premise.

The levels play like those seen in the Spy Hunter series. They’re all long open roads full of traffic and bad guys for you to kill. I.R.I.S drives on her own, but you can make her go faster by using her turbo plus you can steer her left and right to avoid other traffic as crashing can damage her health.

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  • Zach

    Great review. Those graphics are extremely underwhelming for a next-gen title.

    GD Star Rating