Ace Combat Infinity Beta Coming In February

Ace Combat Infinity Beta Coming In February

AceCombatInfinity002The Ace Combat Infinity beta will include a host of features and missions as well as cities to fly around in, Namco has also released a little trailer.

The beta is only going to be available on PSN from February 4th-11th globally, except in Japan. The beta will feature the following:

–          Beta begins on February 4th and runs through February 11th

–          Experience a variety of Campaign and Co-op missions

–          Choose your “Contracts” (Power-ups to augment missions)

–          Select from a variety of Skins and Emblems to customize your war plane

–          A special bonus “Test Pilot” Emblem will be awarded to all fighter pilots that participate in the February 4th beta

Check out the trailer below that shows off some more awesome.

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